Our Story

Robyn Atwater Founder

Robyn Atwater (aka “CURLDAZE”), a trusted hair care influencer, created CURLDAZE Hair Care after struggling with hair loss. She began researching ingredients and developed formulas to restore curls while providing incredible definition, shine and hydration. The CURLDAZE mission is to help people everywhere embrace and love their hair one curl at a time.

How Curldaze Started

In 2010, Robyn discovered her love for natural hair care through her own trial and tribulation. One morning, she woke up to discover a significant amount of hair on her pillow. She knew she had to jump to action!

As an Economist and highly skilled researcher, she began to study Ayurvedic remedies to regrow her hair. She created her own hair oil blend and began to see her hair flourish. Through the success of her growth oil, she began making her own hair products from curl cream to gel.

In 2015, Robyn began to grow her now successful YouTube and Instagram @CurlDaze pages, and began developing the CURLDAZE hair care line. Robyn also invented a new styling technique called the Horseshoe Method that millions of people have viewed on YouTube.